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Privacy Policy
Like most interactive online catalogs, we must use some often-misunderstood tools called "cookies."  Cookies are small bits of information sent from our computer to yours.  Rest assured that cookies sent from our catalog cannot provide us with any information about you or your computer.  In fact, we cannot see them or the information they produce; they are used only by our catalog software during your visit.  Our software needs them so that you can select several products from different areas of our online store and store them in your virtual "shopping cart" until you are ready to submit your order.  Without them, you would have to write down each item you wanted to purchase and type them in once you were ready to place your order.  No other server besides ours can access cookies that we sent to your computer.

Personal Information
The only way for us to find out about you, is for you to tell us.  If you place an order or request additional information, we will store your name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card number on our secure servers, hosted by GoDaddy.com.  Credit card numbers will be automatically deleted from the servers 31 days after you order.  For tax reasons, a hardcopy of your order may also be stored in our accounting department.
Your email address will be automatically added to our internal database whenever you:
  • Place an order
  • Request to join our mailing list
  • Download a product demo and/or instructions required to install the demo
  • Request a product review by email
  • Request a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) file by email
  • Email us an inquiry regarding our products or services
We also reserve the right to acquire email addresses from third parties, such as other Web sites.

Use of Personal Information
If we have your physical name and address on file because you have ordered from us or requested additional information, we may use it to mail you promotional material through the mail or to survey you about your satisfaction with our firm.  We may use your email address to notify you of sales and special promotions occurring on our site.  If you've ordered from us, we may also use it to survey you about your satisfaction with your shopping experience.  Whenever you receive such a message from us, it will contain simple instructions to follow to have your name permanently removed from our list.

List Removal
For tax purposes, we are not able to destroy records of orders placed with us.  However, we would be happy to remove your email address from our database so that you do not receive promotional email messages from us.  If you would like to have your name removed now, click here to email your removal request.  (However, if you later provide us with your email address again in one of the ways mentioned above, you will be added to the database again and will have to repeat the removal process.).

Disclosure of Information--Our Guarantee
None of the information you provide us will be sold, given, or otherwise disclosed to any other party, with one exception: If we sell the entire Web site and/or business at some unforeseen time in the future, we may be required to hand over the customer information to the new owners as part of the sale.

Changes to This Policy
We reserve the right to make changes to the policies listed on this page, with one exception: we will never disclose personal information or email addresses to third parties.

For questions about WingNotes™ Privacy Policy, contact us.

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