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Phoenix, AZ

About Us
Born in Brooklyn NY and raised by his mother and grand parents with old-fashioned Christian ethics, Bruce Dawson dreamed of flying.  He was awarded an Army ROTC Flight Scholarship, learned to fly and graduated from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, B. S. Aerospace Engineering and Applied Flight Mechanics.  He was commissioned a 2LT in the U. S. Army Reserve (USAR), married an attractive model and student nurse named Denise from the Bronx, NY, accepted employment with United Airlines and moved to San Francisco, CA.


Flight Operations Engineering
As 747/DC8 Flight Operations Engineer, Dawson was responsible for aero-performance database maintenance, authored and edited Flight Manual Handbook and Flight Training publications for United.  Additionally, he developed performance data and procedures for ferry operations of aircraft with damage, missing parts and inoperative engines or systems.


Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (ORWAC Class 82-46)
1LT Dawson was assigned Aviation Maintenance Officer (AMO), 6211th U. S. Army Garrison (USAG), Presidio of San Francisco, CA took military leave from United to complete the Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (ORWAC) at Ft. Rucker, AL.  Transitioning into the UH-1H required learning Performance Planning that was tedious and time consuming due to the awkward, user-unfriendly Operator's Manual data presentation.


UH-1H/V Personal Notebook
It didn't take long for 1LT Dawson to apply his civilian acquired Flight Operations Engineering skills and experiences to streamline UH-1H performance planning.  The earliest versions were loose note pages trimmed and inserted into his old dash-ten checklist (or "-10CL"). Over time, the notebook expanded into a comprehensive Study Guide and Quick Reference.  At the urging of several colleagues and fellow aviators, the UH-1H/V Flight Handbook project was begun and Silver Wings Publishers created to publish it.


The business name "Silver Wings Publishers" has been changed to WingNotes™ International.


Enterprise Focus - What we do best.
Provide WingNotesConsultation Services

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  • Non-fiction trade publications for Professional Aviators who fly,
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Investor Relations
WingNotes™ International is privately owned and not open to the public for investment purposes.  We are a small business, registered with Dunn & Bradstreet, federal government’s Central Contractor’s Registry (CCR), Small Business Administration (SBA) Pro-Net and R. R. Bowker Company (International Standard Book No. (ISBN 1-878595) .  In addition, we've a DOD Approved Military Critical Technical Data Agreement on file (both Canada and U. S.) and Federal GSA Schedule, Professional Engineering Services (PES) pending.  We're located in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

Mailing Address:
WingNotes™ International
Aerospace Aeronautical Defense Engineering - Consultancy & Publishing
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P. O. Box 93096
Phoenix, AZ 85070-3096 USA
VOX/FAX: 1-877-213-2154 (toll free, 24/7)
e-mail: aviator@wingnotes.com
web: http://www.wingnotes.com
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