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Why can't I purchase certain handbooks online?
We had planned on making Blackhawk, Apache and other military Aviator's WingNotes commercially available online.  However, events of 9/11 changed everything.  We had security concerns that certain information should be restricted from getting into the wrong hands.  The Blackhawk Aviator's WingNotesQRH, for example, is complete.  However, we've adopted the position only to sell, or license, the finished work to the U. S. Government under contract.
A technical proposal was submitted (per reference 1) and the response indicated per reference 2.  Our proposal has earned U. S. Army Aviation & Missiles Command (AMCOM) technical merit and interest, however if an aviator wants our publications, his (or her) unit commander must exercise the request through unit procurement channels and funding source.
  1. Report to AMCOM-COL W. G. Lake, et al, WingNotes™ Integrated Aircraft Operators Checklist (-CL) and Comprehensive Tabular Performance Data - Unsolicited Technical Proposal For U. S. Army Aviation, Dated: 22-Oct-02, (C021022-01 BWD)
  2. Letter from AMCOM-M. C. Schexnayder, Sikorsky UH-60A/EH-60A, T700-GE-700, Unsolicited Technical Proposal for U. S. Army Aviation - Notice of AMCOM Interest, Technical Merit and No Funding, Dated: 25-Apr-03, (C030429-02 BWD)
Operator’s Manual (-10)
WingNotes™ presently uses the most current edition of the Operator’s Manual (-10) as the primary source for performance data and procedures.  For example, in the case of the:
  • UH-1H/V Operator’s Manual TM 1-1520-210-10, and
  • UH-60A/EH-60A and UH-60L Blackhawk Operator’s Manual TM 1-1520-237-10, etc.
Analog Cartesian charts from chapters 5 (Operating Limits and Restrictions) and 7 (Performance Data) are digitized into a WingNotes™ proprietary electronic Performance Engineer’s Manual (ePEM).  Our ePEM contains arrays of densely populated aircraft performance data tables.  These data are analyzed, modeled and manipulated into the distinctive WingNotes™ format specifically tailored for operational combat aviator use.
“It is crucial to know and fully understand the limits of your aircraft. Commanders must understand how power performance affects their aircraft and how it will affect the mission. Sending an aircraft out on a mission knowing it will not be able to hover out-of-ground effect until it burns off fuel because the demand for hover power exceeds the capabilities of the aircraft, and pilot, requires careful consideration and management of the risks.” BG James E. Simmons, FlightFax Oct 2001



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