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What we do best...
You may not recognize the company name on the webpage, but we think it’ll become familiar quickly.  We've enjoyed more than 25 years of solving problems peculiar to the air transportation industry, fixed and rotary wing, both civilian and military.
Not long ago, we completed a one year international consulting assignment for Embraer, São José Dos Campos, Brasil working Aerodynamic, Airplane Performance, Flight Certification and Engineering Development Simulator (EDS) flight test issues for their newest regional jets; the ERJ-170 and 190 powered by twin General Electric CF34-8/-10’s.
Our most significant challenge and contribution; Determination of Minimum Safety Takeoff Speeds for a beautiful brand new, one hundred thousand pound airplane, that had never flown!... (Learn more...)
As such, we’re putting all our diverse practical Aerospace Aeronautical & Defense Engineering skills and international business experiences to good use in our small firm; WingNotes™ International. Our objectives are to provide first-class:
WingNotes™ International Consultation Services...
Flight Operations Engineering
Aircraft Performance Engineering
Flight Data Analysis
Propulsion Engineering
Reliability & Safety Engineering
Engineering Program Management
Analog-to-Digital Data Conversion

Why Outsource to WingNotes™ International?...

Our clients have limited resources and need to allocate them in a way that maximizes their return.  Shift more resources into your core activities, and you'll be able to leverage them and enhance your competitive position.  Any activities that enhance competitive position mounts additional barriers to competitors.
It's impossible for any one company to be best at every function it performs.  A company that specializes in the performance of a particular task—i.e., its core competency—excels in the dimensions of that process (e.g., lower cost, higher quality, decreased cycle time, etc.).
It would be cost prohibitive for any one company to try to match the investment and functional efficiency of best-in-class suppliers in all of its business activities.  Therefore, outsourcing allows companies to pursue best-in-class status in its core competency.
Best-in-class suppliers have industry knowledge and experience that comes from working with a wide variety of clients.  The knowledge and experience to meet government approvals and compliance standards can be a significant asset when trying to conduct business operations quickly and efficiently.
WingNotes™ International consultants specializes in Flight Operations Engineering,  Aircraft Performance Engineering, Flight Data Analysis, Propulsion Engineering, Reliability & Safety Engineering, Engineering Program Management, and Analog-to-Digital Data Conversion, so there is not time lost learning (or relearning) a new discipline.  We're always knowledgeable on the latest and the most current technical information.  It is also likely that WingNotes staff has completed similar projects before, which should shorten cycle time and save money.  WingNotes coordinates efforts with client needs so we can guarantee the work meets or exceeds expectations.
An external supplier who specializes in the performance of a particular task will have developed certain economies through its experience and investment of resources.  These economies allow the supplier to perform the same task more efficiently than the buyer.
Physical space, administration, and non-responsive internal groups who have a guaranteed market can prove very costly to an organization.

Need help with...

  Flight Plan Fuel Burn Discrepancy.  Airplane performs as OEM advertised and it’s known where the fuel “is” (it’s in the tanks after landing). However, the margin of fuel forecast error is manifesting in unacceptable terms; denied revenue payload. We can find and fix what's wrong with your Flight Plan Fuel Burn Computations.

  Weight & Balance Computations.   Inefficiencies and difficulties prompted by non-standard aircraft model sub-fleet mix?  We can develop Automated Dispatch Weight & Balance Procedures.

  New Aircraft Acquisition and Initial Service.  We can provide assistance with U. S. CFR §25 Transport Category Airplane Certification and Operating Specification requirements, Aircraft/Engine Systems Performance Analysis, Airplane Initial Service Evaluations, Proving Runs, Performance Guarantees & Audits, Route, Reliability and Airport Obstruction Analyses, or backlogged responses to regulatory authority inquiries, or other special projects.

  Flight Management Systems (FMS). Need to assess aircraft performance and recommend design/software changes to enhance FMS Trajectory Management, Lateral (LG) and Vertical guidance (VG) functions? Challenge, scant performance data from older, legacy, out-of-production aircraft like the P-3, C-130J, B-707 or C-5.  We can develop innovative modeling techniques, perform analysis, conduct aircraft performance software unit tests and perform Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) of Aircraft Performance Reference datasets tailored for FMS applications.

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