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Consultation Services


 * Flight Operations

 * Aircraft Performance


 * Flight Data Analysis

 * Propulsion Engineering

 * Reliability & Safety

 * Engineering Program

 * Analog-to-Digital Data


 DOD Experience

De Havilland
RC-7B/E-O5B PT6A-50


Continued Airworthiness & Flight Technical Support

 * Limited original
    equipment manufacturer
    technical support

 * Fragmented
    documentation history

 * Different versions of
    FAA  Airplane Flight
    Manual (AFM),
    Operations (OM)

    and AFM Supplements

 * Review and evaluate
    Government Furnished
    Information (GFI)

 * Independent Verification
    and Validation (IV & V)

 * Determine best
    authoritative sources
    for official Airworthiness,
    certificated airplane
    performance operations
    and automated


Flight Operations Engineering

Takeoff Vspeed Computation

CFR's 21, 25, 33, 36, 91,  121 and 135
CFR’s exegesis, knowledgeable of Operating Specification, Flight Certification, FAA Airplane Flight Manual (AFM), Airworthiness Directives (AD) Notes, Community Noise and Emissions issues. Statutory and Regulatory compliance document preparation.
Operating Gross Weights (OGW)
Perform Airport Obstruction Analyses, develop methods to automate AFM Takeoff/Landing OGW, Maximum & Reduced Takeoff Thrust, Vspeeds, Contaminated Runway, Brake Energy, Weight & Balance.
Payload Optimization
Develop Turn Procedures, encoding per ARINC 424-13 and Remote Navigation Procedure (RNP) specifications.  Develop Aircraft Performance data in accordance with government regulations and original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Economic Trade & Productivity Improvement Studies
Detailed studies of flight time, fuel, distance, payload/range. Operational Limitations, Fuel Conservation and Optimum Cruise Control data analysis commensurate with Engine Maintenance Economy.
Flight Mission Analysis
Evaluate Route, Reliability and Operating Practices Turbine Engine Life Prediction, Material Behavior and Stress Analysis.
Analysis Methods
Conceive and develop complex analytical models to evaluate Optimum Operating Procedures commensurate with Safety, Cost, Performance Guarantees and operational requirements.

Flight Technical and Training Support
  • Author and edit Flight Handbooks: Checklists, Takeoff, Climb Cruise & Landing, Normal, Irregular and Emergency operating procedures and data.

  • Training and Reference (T&R): systems, subsystems and sub-fleet differences.

  • Bulletins.

  • Training tools or aircraft performance articles.

  • Provide assistance and/or classroom instruction for pilots and dispatchers etc.

Technical Data & Resource References
Analysis and implementation methods commensurate with Operating Specification, regulatory authorities and the following references:
  • Boeing Jet Transport Performance Methods (D6-1420)
  • Performance Engineer’s Manual (PEM)
  • FAA Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)
  • Operations Manual (OM)
  • Flight Planning & Cruise Control Manual (FPCCM)
  • Maintenance & Overhaul Manuals (MM/HM/OV)
  • Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)
  • Configuration Deviation Dispatch List (CDDL)
  • Systems Approach to Flight Operations Training (SAFOT)
  • Flight Operations Manual (FOM)
  • Standard Computerized Airplane Performance (SCAP)
Accident/Incident Reviews
Provide technical support to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) & International Investigation Boards / Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigation and Prevention, Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) campaigns. Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) transcription, data reduction (ADRAS s/w) and analysis. Ground Track, Weather data, Air Traffic Control (ATC) transcripts, Flight Crew Interview/Testimony analysis etc. and publishing factual reports.
Special Projects
  • Marketing and Special Flight Operations Mission Requests (i. e. charters/CRAF)
  • Flight Simulator.  Fidelity enhancement
  • Ferry Operations. Procedures for safe efficient movement of aircraft with damage, missing parts, inoperative engines or systems.
  • Flight Test. Data acquisition, reduction and analysis.
  • Performance Guarantees and Audits New Aircraft Acquisition, Initial Service Evaluations , FAA Proving Runs
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Procedure Development (MSG-3 Analysis)
  • Turn Around Fault Isolation (TAFI). Logic and procedure development.
Aircraft/Engine Condition Monitoring
Implement and maintain effective Reduced/Flex Takeoff/Climb Thrust program. Periodic Takeoff Power Assurance Check procedures, Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), troubleshooting, diagnostics and corrective action.
Need help with..

Problems requiring a consultant that understands Aircraft Performance in context of Aircraft/Engine Systems, subsystems and Trajectory Management.  Or projects requiring advanced techniques to assess aircraft performance and recommend changes to enhance operations.

We know aerodynamics, propulsion systems, weight and balance, structural/flight limitations and environmental affects on aircraft performance.

We can help harmonize Flight Standards, procedures and data, i. e. Operating Gross Weights (OGW), Reduced Takeoff/Climb Thrust Settings, Fuel Conservation, Ferry Operations, backlogged responses to regulatory inquiries, etc.

We're capable of working in situations requiring quick turn around Aircraft/Engine Systems Performance Analysis.

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