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 * Aircraft Performance


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 * Propulsion Engineering

 * Reliability & Safety

 * Engineering Program

 * Analog-to-Digital Data



AS-907 Sub-scale Fan Rig

Honeywell Engines' next generation Axial Flow Gas Turbine Engine


Program Objectives

 * Obtain Aero-
     performance and

 * Mechanical data, and

 * Accommodate testing
    different Fan/Stator
    configurations without
    major rig disassembly.


Program Management Highlights

 * Design, Analysis and
    Technical Coordination

 * Quotation Analysis
    /Hardware Procurement

 * Cost and Resource



Successfully Completed
On Contractual Schedule
Under Budget…

Engineering Program Management
  • Improved Program/Project Performance

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Maximized Efficient Use of Resources

  • Technical Excellence

  • Complex Program Schedule Integrity

  • Cost Control

  • Compatibility with Integrated Product Delivery and Support (IPDS) protocols and MIL-STD-881B

  • Risk Management/Contingency Planning

  • Creative and Productive Project Teams

Project Administration
Statement of Work (SOW) analysis with focus on deliverables and program objectives.  Programs are understood to be composed of several projects. Using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), projects are divided and classified by tasks and sub-tasks.  Tasks are reorganized to a back-planned timetable to establish priorities, identify Technical Thresholds, multiple concurrent projects and enable effective Schedule Management.


Schedule Management
Timetable and task overlay define the integrated schedule to reveal Critical Path(s), assist setting aggressive yet realistic timelines, effective Contingency Plan determination and aid Risk Management.


Cost/Resource Management
Professional, financial and material resource utilization is time-phased to essential program requirements.  Financial metrics are used to monitor performance (Earned Value, Schedule Variance and Cost Variance etc.) to make better mid-course correction decisions.  Project weekly expenditures and percentages are reported in weekly Project Status Reports (PSR’s).


Subcontractor Management
Comprehensive outside vendor (OSV) database is developed and maintained.  Obtention of Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) and Best and Final Quotes (BFQ)Purchase Order (PO) administration and control.  Control measures keep team members informed of subcontractor Technical, Schedule, Cost and Quality performance.


Technical Coordination Meetings (TCM’s)
Periodic TCM’s provide command, control and communication to orchestrate activities of team members, subcontractors, partners and Decision Authority.


Information Management
Comprehensive information filing system helps keep track of incoming and outgoing documented message traffic.  This includes e-mail, v-mail, letters, memos and presentations etc.  No need to overburden your technical data resource system with numerous interim design detail changes.


Our system provides configuration and data management of interim, incremental changes to specifications, drawings and other types of information.  Our methods provide total accountability of program/project activities, saves time searching for information and helps stay on top of every project detail.  Proprietary, copyrighted or sensitive information is safeguarded and properly controlled.  Legal documents, contracts administration and changes are efficiently managed.


Project Status Reports (PSR’s)
PSR’s contain all information required by the Decision Authority to stay abreast of program/project performance.  These include, but not limited to, Cost and Earved Value, Project Status, Client Information Requirements, Out-of-Scope Estimates, TCM meeting notice, agenda, minutes and Rolling Action Items List (RAILS).

Site Computer Synchronization and Y2K
Computer systems are IMB-PC Pentium processor, Microsoft Windows XP Operating System and Microsoft Office XP Pro.  Y2K compliant and capable of appropriate site synchronization for information and data exchange.


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